Generate measurable action. Through a series of events for presenting innovative solutions, create synergies and enable projects to move towards the SDGs.

Lay the Foundation

Our partnership will kick off during an exclusive event on November 28th/29th in Madrid, Spain. At this event our partners will have the chance to present their solutions, discuss them with leading experts, and form new partnerships for collaboration, maybe to start new common projects.

Structure Solutions

The event will be concluded with the collection of all concrete commitments resulting from the collaboration of the participating experts. We plan to structure these commitments according to their impact on achieving the SDGs and publish them as the first G17 manifesto. The development and public presentation of the ideas will take place on the first public event in September 2019 in France.

Build on Commitment

As we don’t want to establish yet another organization which would consume money and other resources, the network relies on the commitment from every participating organization to support the common activities.