GBCe is a non-profit association that unites representatives from the entire construction industry, to work together towards an energy and ecologically conscious approach to the design of the built environment.

The main goals and objectives of the organisation are to:
• Increase social awareness and represent the desire of our modern society to evolve towards a more sustainable built environment in Spain.
• Provide our sector with up to date and internationally recognized tools that allow an unbiased evaluation and certification of the sustainability of our buildings. Adapt these instruments to Spanish needs and legislation, taking into account the particularities of all the different geographical areas.
• Research and cooperate with other associations, both in Spain and internationally, in the investigation for improvements in sustainable building. Developing and managing reliable and up to date tools and methods that allow environmental quality assessments of the building process: design, material selection, construction and life.
• Join forces with Public Administrations, Universities, Corporations and National and International Associations to promote our principles and good practices in sustainable building design and construction.
• Contribute to the evolution of the building industry/market towards a more sustainable environment.

The organisation’s key activities and dissemination platforms include training and capacity building, newsletters, websites, social media, conferences, coordination and collaboration with stakeholders, seminars, workshops, Green Building Week, and the ‘VERDEGBCe’ sustainable building assessment tool.
GBC España is the Spanish member of the Europe Regional Network of the World Green Building Council. Bruno Sauer, GBCe’s CEO, is part of the Board of Directors of WorldGBC. The International Affairs Area led by Emilio Miguel Mitre, has facilitated GBCe to get a relevant position in the European Regional Network as well as in the global WorldGBC (and in whose BoD GBCe participates).


Since the ’70 of the 20th century, scientists are trying to explain that we are destroying our own planet. We are changing our climate because of a wrong use of natural resources. More or less 50 years passed by and climate change is only accelerating.

Scientists have been trying to convince politicians to undertake action and to guide our society towards different visions on development, but our climate is a global problem and, recently, we are experiencing a return to narrow minded protectionists political leaders.

In 2015, the United Nations gave us a comprehensive framework for sustainable development, the SDGs. G17 wants to show leadership in change in the building sector in close relation to these goals. Only in partnership can we accelerate progress. The 17th Goal is the umbrella for all the other goals.

The SDGs define 17 key aspects of development apparently in separated envelops but they are interconnected. The building sector is directly and indirectly involved in 14 of the 17 goals. We have a tremendous responsibility to show leadership in change.

GBCe is convinced that G17 is the right platform to create this direct interaction between persons, individuals that believe in what they do. They are in a position to fasten up the moment where we can see that we, as a global society, reached our goals.

Bruno Sauer

I am not a scientist, neither a politician, but an architect. Architects tend to give formal answers to actual problems; answers based on acquired knowledge and experience. As a practical, positive minded person, understanding that we live in a global context but offering local solutions to our market, it is time to stimulate action and to show real leadership in change.

One of the strongest instruments to provoke change is a straight forward communication by people towards people. I strongly believe that if leaders meet leaders and they can directly exchange their experiences, the market can transform itself much faster than having to wait on political decisions to change rules and laws.

In my own professional experience as an architect, searching for sustainable innovation to be implemented in building sites, or as a university teacher stimulating students to take disruptive decisions in their projects, I discovered you have to understand the holistic and global context of the problem, but that individual engagement and action are real conditions to make progress. 

Bruno Sauer is CEO of the Green Building Council España since 2015. He holds a diploma of Architect, Master in Urban Planning and Master in Critics in Architecture.

Work experience:

2016 – (to date) World Green Building Council WGBC
Position/Task: Member of the Board of Directors

2015 – (to date) GBCe-Green Building Council España
Position/Task: CEO

2011 – 2015 GBCe-Green Building Council España
Position/Task: Technical Director certification System VERDE

2003 – 2018 Technical University of Valencia and the European University of Valenica
Position/Task: Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Professor of Sustainable Building

2005 – 2015 researcher on Sustainable Urban Retroffiting

2002 – Bipolaire Arquitectos
Position/Task: Founder

1996 – 2002 Pich Architects
Position/Task: Collaborator


1998 – Master in Architecture, Critics and Projects, Technical University of Barcelona

1997 – Master in Urban Design, Technical University of Barcelona

1995 – Graduated as Architect, School of Architecture Henry van de Velde, Antwerp