Alliance HQE-GBC

Alliance HQE-GBC

Alliance HQE-GBC is the non-profit organization of professionals for sustainable built environment.


Alliance HQE-GBC is the non-profit organization of professionals for sustainable built environment. Buildings, urban development, infrastructures at every stage of their life cycle – construction, operation, renovation – are at the core of its DNA, in a transversal vision combining life of quality, respect of the environment, economical performances and responsible management. With the voluntary approaches that it set off in France but also worldwide, the association acts since 1996 for the general interest to innovate, improve knowledge, broadcast good practices and represent the sustainable built environment sector.

Through its partners, it particularly developed the HQE™ certification and a verification program for “Health Environment Products Declaration” (FDES INIES).

Alliance HQE-GBC is the French member of the World Green Building Council (World GBC).


The climate is changing, resources are dwindling, waste is accumulating, biodiversity is drastically reducing, air quality is deteriorating, soils and water are polluted.

The construction industry is partly responsible for this announced disaster and at the same time offers the opportunity to reverse the trend.

The Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals are on the table. Experience of sustainable buildings shows that it is possible to combine respect of the environment, economic performance and quality of life, but we are running out of time. That is the reason why we need the G17 initiative to make sustainable buildings the NEW NORMAL as soon as possible.

We are convinced that each building is a part of history, culture and dynamic of a territory, a city, a neighbourhood and answers different needs. Therefore, the answers given to define objectives for a sustainable building must be adapted to its context. But it’s not necessary to reinvent the will each time. G17 could facilitate the diffusion of knowledge, favor the exchanges of experience in a constructive spirit and emulation to encourage more people, more engineering, architecture or construction companies and more cities to use these examples as an impulse to start concrete and effective actions.

Acting truly is our responsibility as professionals.

Acting quickly is our imperative as human beings.

We are convinced that acting together in a coordinated way and with our diversity is the best way to be effective.
We need to be heard and to develop the movement of sustainable build environment.

Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert

Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert, has held the position as CEO of Alliance HQE-GBC since 2016. The non-profit organization now counts 300+ members representing stakeholders from the value chain in the real estate and construction industry in France. She was involved in sustainable build environment since 2008 as CEO of Association HQE (the NGO which merge with France GBC in 2016 to create Alliance HQE-GBC). She has a broad background on leading NGOs and is highly motivated by sustainable development and public private partnership.

Anne-Sophie focuses on engaging stakeholders into collaborative program of innovation. LCA, circular economy, indoor air quality, green finance, local development… are her daily topics. The goal is to hold environmental, social and digital transitions in build environment by preparing tools and building professionals for next step in voluntary approach, as HQE, or regulations.

Work experience

2016 – (to date) Alliance HQE-GBC
Position/Task: CEO

2008 – 2016 Association HQE
Position/Task: CEO

2004 – 2008 Les Eco Maires (French mayors association engaged in environment)
Position/Task: Deputy CEO

2001 – 2004 Les Eco Maires (French mayors association engaged in environment)
Position/Task: Technical lead

2005 – Institute of the High Studies of the Development and urban planning of European territories
Sciences Po / Ecole des Ponts Paristech

2001 – Master of Science (MSc) in management and protection of environment
Université Lille 3

2000 – Master of Science (MSc) in econometrics
Université de Caen