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G17 Events

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G17 – Opening Event

With over fifty guests, eight insightful impulses and concrete ideas for the coming year, the G17 event on November 28th and 29th 2018 at ImpactHub Piamonte, Madrid was a huge success. The discussions and workshops leave us highly motivated and optimistic for the future! Focusing on the four areas Design, Strategies, Circularity and Value, the G17 network managed to combine the exchange of knowledge, networking and the creation of actionable goals within the network itself, as well as within the companies of each member.

The event, as the network itself, would not have been possible without the participation and input of its members. We therefore want to thank everyone who attended our kick-off with an open mind for putting in the time and effort to make G17 something special. We also want to thank those supporters who unfortunately couldn’t join the kick-off event for their encouragement. We hope that G17 may continue to count on your endorsement and support and that the network may enjoy your personal presence and input during future events.

You can view the full report here: G17 Report-2018.

G17 2019 Summit in Hamburg, Germany

Since we met in Madrid last November, we are already planning our 2019 G17 summit. We promised to meet in Angers (France) in September, but we propose to keep November as our G17-month. We will be in Angers in September to support the HQE-GBC Cities to Be congress and you are welcome to join there, as well, but our two-day “think action tank” will take place in Hamburg, on November 12th and 13th.

We will start the discussed G17 campaigns shortly to strengthen the alliances and to push ideas into action. We hope you will participate in at least one of the proposed campaigns and activities.